Turn your smartphone into PC VR headset with KinoVR

Replace expensive PC reality headset with your smartphone. Comparable quality, fraction of the price. Try it now for free.

Download App from App Store Download App from Play Store Download KinoVR drivers for PC Requires Windows 8 or later*
*Please check here for Windows 7.

KinoVR Features

  • SteamVR support

    Play hundreds of SteamVR games designed for virtual reality with native SteamVR support. KinoVR also adds VR support for thousands of legacy games.

  • Low latency

    Under 30 millisecond end-to-end latency means you will not experience motion sickness even during long sessions.

  • Room-Scale VR

    KinoVR is the first VR headset application with 6 degrees of freedom on iPhone. Room-scale VR allows you to walk around in VR without any external hardware.

  • Best performance

    Supports native video resolution up to 2560x1440 pixels at 60 frames per second. Uses hardware acceleration on both PC and phone when available.