KinoVR Setup Guide

KinoVR turns your smartphone into virtual reality headset for PC. Instead of using expensive headsets like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive you can now use your smartphone with comparable quality. Before using KinoVR please watch the video below or read step-by-step instructions on how to get started. If you want to play SteamVR games, see the instruction below.


KinoVR application on iPhone or Android device.

Powerful PC. We recommend Intel Core i5 or faster CPU. You also need fast graphics card for stereo rendering.

WiFi network. High-definition video streaming requires lot of bandwidth, we recommend 5 GHz AC-WiFi network.

Mobile virtual reality headset. You can use cheap headset such as Google cardboard, for best experience we recommended high quality headset such as Samsung Gear VR.

Setup for SteamVR

With the driver 1.60 and later, KinoVR started to support SteamVR games. Here's the instruction video followed by the detailed description.

  1. Install KionVR latest driver from here to your computer
  2. Install Steam application from
  3. Install SteamVR from Steam Store
  4. Launch SteamVR. SteamVR overlay will appear
  5. Launch a SteamVR game
  6. Launch kinoVR app on your iPhone

PC connection is established automatically.
Please ensure that iPhone camera is exposed.

PC Setup for non-SteamVR games

Before launching KinoVR mobile app please make sure you have downloaded and installed latest KinoVR PC server application to your PC from Once installed and configured KinoVR application is automatically running on background, you don't need to manually start it each to you use KinoVR.

After installation please launch 'KinoVR' application from Windows Start Menu. Once application launches you will be shown the following window.

KinoVR settings

Head tracking

To enable head tracking you need to map orientation data sent from device to game inputs. Typically for mouse-controlled games you should map Pitch to 'Mouse X' and Roll to 'Mouse Y' as shown in image above. Sensitivity values depend on game and personal preference, you can also adjust them while using KinoVR smartphone application.

For advanced head tracking you can use FaceTrackNoIR or opentrack head tracking software. If you want to use external tracker program tick 'Use opentrack for headtracking' setting on KinoVR settings.

If you use FaceTrackNoIR set tracker source to 'FaceTrackNoIR UDP' as shown in image below.

facetracknoir interface

Then click 'Settings'-button below tracker source. Ensure 'Receiving Port-number' is set to 4242 and that Roll, Pitch and Yaw are enabled.

facetracknoir settings

For opentrack configure it to use 'UDP Sender' tracker as shown below. For more information how to use opentrack please visit opentrack website.

opentrack settings

Mouse acceleration

By default Windows uses mouse acceleration. This means quick mouse movements cause mouse cursor move further than moving the mouse same distance with slower movement. On VR use this means tracking origin will drift. To solve this problem you should tick the box 'Disable mouse acceleration'.

Image distance adjustment

For best VR experience you should calibrate lens distance. Correct value depends on your interpupillary distance and phone and headset models. Without calibration video shows as two separate images causing nausea. Before doing calibration please read rest of this guide to learn how to connect KinoVR mobile app to server. To start calibration click 'Adjust'-button on KinoVR PC application. A new window as shown below will appear.

KinoVR calibration

Now you should launch KinoVR mobile app and insert phone into your VR headset. Wait until phone connects to PC and you can see the video on phone screen. While wearing headset you should use left and right arrow keys to adjust horizontal image distance until images overlap and you can only see one image. Press 'Esc' key to end calibration.

Stereo rendering

There are many ways to view games in side-by-side (SBS) 3D. Easiest way is to enable native SBS rendering in game settings. For example Crysis 3 supports this method, unfortunately there are still very few games supporting SBS 3D.

Second method is to use third party program to make game render in SBS 3D. You can use either Tridef 3D (paid) or Vireio Perception (free) to do this. Please see their webpages for more information.

Third option is to render the game normally in 2D and to copy same image for both eyes. You won't get any 3D effect but can still use head tracking with games. This method is also lightest for PC as video is only rendered once. To use this method please tick 'Enable image duplication' box in KinoVR settings. You should also try to resize game window to be as close as possible to 9:16 aspect ratio, otherwise you will have black bars on top and under video.

KinoVR service

If you don't want KinoVR service to run on background you can stop it from Stop-button. Before using KinoVR you need to restart it with Start-button. Typically you don't need to start or stop and application manually and can just ignore this button.

iPhone / Android app setup

Please make sure you are connected to same WiFi network as your PC. After launching mobile app it will automatically search for KinoVR server on local network. After finding a server connection is established automatically. You can now insert the phone into VR headset and start playing.

USB setup on iPhone

On iPhone you can also use USB-connection instead of WiFi. This can increase performance if you WiFi connection is slow. To enable USB-connection please first disable WiFi on iPhone. Then connect iPhone to PC via Lightning to USB cable. Also make sure you have latest iTunes installed and iPhone is detected by iTunes. After launching KinoVR connection is automatically established using USB connection.


Why are the images on the phone screen so small and have black space around?

KinoVR supports the stereoscopic video games with side-by-side feature (with driver 1.51 and later) or steamVR games (with driver 1.60 and later). If you try some other game than those, you may end up seeing the small screen like the image below.


Problem with Windows 7

The drivers newer than v.1.60 is not compatible with Windows 7. If your computer OS is Windows 7, you can download the older driver from here. However, please note that the older driver does not support steamVR natively or 6 DoF.

Black screen or repeating starting and connecting screen.

Some Android phone may show "Software Codec" message befor going back to connecting screen. These phenomena happen with certain environments and we are diagnosing the problem at the moment. Meanwhile, you could try the older driver. However, please note that the older driver does not support steamVR natively or 6 DoF.

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